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Pix Brand offers strategized website development services that make your website solutions superior. We enjoy serving our clients globally with our extensive website design & development services. We indulge the functionality with ease and code each & every nerve of our brain. Dealing with the errors is usual and to disrupt the error is our expertise.

Let’s meet your client.

Trust is what people believe in. people earlier believes in the product unless and until they use them. Nothing much changed in the past years. People still do believe after exploring and analyzing the brand & it’s product personally. Obviously in the fast-growing world, reaching individuals isn’t an easy task. But still, you can meet your customers without moving to them. Simply build a website and let’s meet your client. 

Represent your self everywhere.

It’s so difficult to be present physically everywhere every time. Then too you can be connected 24×7 with your audience. Let your virtual identity do this for you. Your website can represent your business everywhere, anytime. This way you always be connected with your audience and they can explore your business and products anytime, anywhere.

Let’s wow your online presence.

Yes, an information website can be built in a few hours. But are you sure it’s built perfectly? You want your website to drive sales for you in an organic and right manner, then sit back and let us take this charge.

See to the google…you’ll be there.

Netizens are always ready to find every new thing online. Hearing about any product, business, and business news what they do first? They Google. So, in short, the first and priority Mantra of being in the limelight is to show=off yourself online. Let everybody know that you are present for them with the stunning website.

Our skill your growth.

With our skills and creative minds, we take over your thoughts and bring life by reflecting it into the website. We provide our efforts and skills to steer your business growth. All you have to do is to enjoy the success and let us work behind the story.

Our branding mantra

In order to serve the best, with interest, we love to listen to the business story of our clients. We take our friends together: pen & paper to take your brief and NOTE your requirements. Our team of experts is always excited to listen from you, suggest the alternatives and do the best for you. With the mindful thoughts and sleepless nights, we always feel happy to deliver something best and new every time to every client.

We make you stand with PIX


A master key to unlock every path to success, we intend to serve you with perfection because the building comes after shaping and we do both our jobs perfectly.


We 24×7 carry our sword of ideas and magic ward of conceptualization. From naming to shaping your identity, we take it all in our hands and deliver your thoughts with innovative ideas and concepts.


Our ultimate target is to make your business a brand and make you happy. Our continuous attempts to impress our clients and are overwhelmed to receive excellence as a token of appreciation.

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We can be your right hand.

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Frequently asked questions

To help you make the most-informed decision, here are common
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Understanding what to look for in a web development company can be critical; the choice you make can have a major impact on the success of your business online. We suggest choosing an established web design company with an extensive portfolio of websites and a history working with businesses like yours. Look to reviews online to gauge how satisfied clients have been with the company’s work.
This is another question where the type of project will heavily influence the cost. In general though Australian web developers will sit on the higher side of the pricing spectrum across the board. Similar to developers in Los Angeles and London. Places like NYC and San Francisco will command the highest prices for web development where the projects in general are large in scope and are well funded, so that drives market prices. Web development in countries like India and Hungary are some of the best technically in the world and are generally priced on the lower side of the scale. An interesting thing to remember is that web development is a global industry and many projects are running teams from different countries at the same time. Technology has removed barriers to communication and collaboration, allowing everyone in the world to have full access to the resources they need to create anything they want.
Web development technology falls into two key categories hardware and software. Types of software technology used in web development is HTML 5, PHP, JavaScript, XML, JSON, PYTHON, Linux, .NET, MySQL databases, etc. just to name a few. Some of these are used for specific purposes, eg front end development, backend development, passing data between sources, or simply interfacing between the hardware and the other software technology being used on a server.
This is a question that has one clear answer: it depends. Anyone who says there is one single best web development platform will lead you astray. Developers generally have skills in one or a number of related platforms. Usually a developer will be a huge fan of a specific platform, and will have the strongest strengths in the platform they love. Like a musician playing guitar, piano or drums. There are definitely leading platforms for certain software projects, but there is no one best for every web development project. Also technology is evolving and innovating so fast that something leading today my start losing ground tomorrow as new technology emerges.
Websites can be built from scratch using handwritten code that is suitable for web browser processing that will deliver the desired outcome. These days there are a lot of open source or proprietary code resources which allow developers to simply find the code they need and use it, sometimes for free and sometimes for a fee. There are also software systems that have been developed that present a nice friendly user interface that allows a non-tech user to create a website, these systems are commonly known as Content Management Systems (CMS).
Depending on the project, you may find that there are no suitable existing Content Management Systems for your idea. This would be extremely uncommon and would probably only emerge in a very high tech, innovative context. Even then many websites are built using existing software platforms and frameworks to reduce the amount of work needed to type thousands of lines of code that already exist and are available for use. However to build a website from scratch would usually involve a project planning and scoping phase, in this process it would be decided what kind of resources are needed, both software and hardware to run the systems. Then the developers would begin to create some wireframes and some scrappy prototypes to give the idea some form. This stage can also involve testing and getting user feedback. Once a direction is clear and established more resources can be allocated to the project to build a beta version of the website. A key to building any software is testing and ensuring the product being created will solve the users needs in a meaningful way. A website is never really 100% complete. As the product evolves, and the audience evolves innovation will always command development and growth.
In a classic sense web development services span everything from registering your domain name, the hosting servers needed to keep a website live and online, email hosting, storage and routing, security layers to protect your website from being vulnerable to compromises, breaches and data theft. Then the actual scoping, planning and strategy for the build out of software and the underlying hardware infrastructure needed. Execution and creation of the online product is a key part with many layers that is often called simply web development. Some companies will extend their services to design, user experience and user interface design as part of the development, including testing and feedback of the project.
A web development company is primarily concerned with the technical, non-aesthetic side of a website project. However the company may also have a strong design team working in house alongside the development team. These companies can provide access to services like domain registration, hosting, email management as well as the actual digital project creation.
Web development is the skill of using web technology, strategy and digital product development to bring an idea to life. Web development could be siloed off into its own department, but in truth a solid web development project requires collaboration for all facets of the project to be successful. The areas concerning the web developers would be technology and software related, building the actual mechanics of how a website will work. However it is useful to not only tell web developers what to build, but to include them in the strategy and idea stages as many innovations come from what’s possible in technology and somethings are not immediately obvious to a non-tech minded designer.
A web developer essentially codes.They are trained and experienced in writing the code for online software programs and web apps. They follow instructions from a project scope or design brief and build out a product with a specific functionality. Eg Esty.com – A website where you can post items you have made and want to sell to the world. Or Huffingtonpost.com – A news media website that delivers new articles in real time. They usually will be specialists in a certain web development language, and will have the knowledge and skills to use that language and related languages to build a useful solution.
The best way to find a web developer is by asking people you trust and know for recommendations. People who have had a successful project launched that is similar in scope, budget and functionality to your desired outcome. If you do not know anyone who can offer such a recommendation you will need to do your research and find a company or person you feel is a match. As mentioned before, they need to be used to doing projects for the budget and scope that you are requesting. We have found that projects stop when either a project is too much for a developer and they don’t yet have the skills or know how to proceed, or the project is too small and becomes annoying to a company used to creating large high budget projects. Finding a match, and an experienced developer who is also part of a team who can offer all the other aspects of the project is a must.